Yoga Myth: I'm Not Flexible Enough

“I can’t even touch my toes!” “I would never be able to do that!” “I’m not a contortionist!” “Don’t you have to be flexible?”

Yoga teachers would be very wealthy if we had a nickel for every time someone said one of these things to us. Maybe you have heard them from a friend? Or maybe you yourself have thought one or more of these statements to be true.

how did we get here?

Early yoga asana practice developed to prepare the physical body for long periods of seated meditation. Over the centuries it was and still is a tool to connect our mind, body and breath. With the rise of yoga as a fitness trend as well as the boom in social media pages focusing on wild postures that aren’t accessible to most people - instructors included.

yoga increases flexibility

One of the primary benefits of yoga is gaining physical and mental flexibility. As you learn to move your body with intention and use your breath as a tool you can access a wider range of motion and flexibility in your muscles. Some super-bendy yogi’s could actually benefit from the opposite - stability.


An older yogi, new to the practice will look different than a 20-year old with years of practice. Guess what? That’s just perfect. Some bodies for various reasons will never be capable of certain postures because of anatomical build. Each practitioner finds a space where they as an individual feels challenged and safe. That can change from day to day, or even one side of the body to the other. Taking notice and honoring these differences are the first steps to mindfulness in your practice.

progress comes in practice

Yoga is more than simply touching your toes. As you keep working you will learn about yourself and your body. Each frustration and each step forward should be embraced and celebrated. Flexibility isn’t gained overnight, nor is it maintained by inconsistency. Showing up on your mat is the most important step.

Join us any day of the week in Downtown Florence. We promise there will be no crazy poses - just those to inspire and demonstrate what your body is capable of - maybe that is now, or a ways off. There will be many others next to you who can’t touch their toes either.