Flow Town Yoga offers a new students special and discounts to local students, teachers, military members and RYTs. We are committed to sharing yoga through affordable option, including one time drop-ins, packages and auto-renew memberships. 


Drop in


Teacher/Student/Military Drop in*  $10

*Local students, teachers, military personnel and RYTs get 10% off drop-ins, 1 Month Unlimited, and 5 and 10 Class Packs.


30 DAYS FOR $30

This is a great place to start.

For more than 50% off our regular unlimited monthly price, you get unlimited yoga for 30 whole days (consecutive). 



5 Class Pass*

$55 (expires in 3 months)

10 Class Pass*

$90 (expires in 6 months)

20 Class Pass

$160 (expires in 6 months)


Unlimited Monthly Membership

$72  and lots of perks 

6 Classes per Month Membership

$39.99  And lots of perks 

8 Classes per Month Membership

$49.99 and lots of perks 


One Year of Unlimited

$699 paid in full

One Month Unlimited*


3-Month Unlimited